DMS in Sage Evolution

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Keeping your crucial business documents in one central place and linking them to the relevant data in your Sage Evolution
ERP system, will significantly help you manage your audits and your internal record keeping.

DMS for Sage Evolution provides you with an easy solution to store and link your documents from within Sage Evolution,
while providing easy access to the documents through a web interface. This web interface could be restricted to only local
access, or allow external access for those users who work outside of your office.

Online & Evolution



In the rightmost picture you can see the menu of
the online Document Management System.

Sage Evolution

In the middle right picture you can find the
Document attachment module, in Sage Evolution.
All the modules are integrated with the
Document Management System.

On Premises

As you can deploy the DMS server on your
own (Evolution) server, all documents will
be safely stored on your own server, with
your own IT security.



Benefits of the online Document Management System (DMS)

– All company (or group) documents managed in one place
– Access through your browser, or through Sage Evolution
– Tagging your documents for easy traceability
– Search through Sage Evolution records to find related documents
– Easy sharing of documents (with password protection)
– Easy e-mailing or downloading document “baskets”.

In the picture on the left you can see the files which are
in the download basket of the online DMS.


Multi company support

Multi company support

  • Multi-company support within one DMS system, supporting multiple Evolution companies in one online DMS environment.
Easy linking of documents

Easy linking of documents

  • Easy linking and storing of documents within Evolution to their relevant Evolution records.
Easy scanning

Easy scanning

  • Easy scanning directly from the DMS module within Sage Evolution.
Easy Audits

Easy Audits

  • Full audit trails, even with drill downs into transactions.
  • Easy audits, finding all audit required documents in one place.
Tagging of documents

Tagging of documents

  • Tag your documents to keep scattered files together.
Easy access to related documents

Easy access to related documents

  • Easy access to related documents, straight from Sage Evolution.


The integration of the Document Management System in Sage Evolution allows
users to attach documents to master data and transactional records within
Sage Evolution, ensuring that documents are stored at and linked to
the most logical location.

Advantages of the integration with Sage Evolution:
– Scanning from within Evolution
– Drill down to audit trail or document of Evolution
– Uploading and downloading documents related to records in Evolution
– Easy and sophisticated tracebillity and accessibility

Save Time

You can save time by using the Document Management System
and keep track of your documents.

Time for the yearly audit?

Just give the auditors access to DMS and they will be able to
find any document based on the title or the audit trail
number, or make a specific tag for all documents so you
can quickly find all documents for a combined download.


We can customize on request, allowing you to link documents to
Sage Evolution (or other systems) records outside the default linkable records.


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